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Sailing Schedule
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Cargo Tracking
- on this web, track your cargo by bill of lading,
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- receive track info by auto reply emails.
- call voice activated InfoLink at 1-800-967-7000.

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- check out ocean shipping rates on the Net.

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- receive your cargo status via auto emails.
- print seaway bills or bill of lading draft copies
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COSCO's 50th Anniversary: April 27, 2011 marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of COSCO. Over those 50 years, COSCO Group has made remarkable achievements. With dedicated efforts made by generations of COSCO employees, the company has grown from a small shipping company with a mere four vessels, into the world¨s second-largest shipping enterprise.

For the details of COSCO 50-year history, please click here.

COSCO Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of the COSCO Group, a world leading ocean carrier. Our container business is directed by COSCO Container Lines (COSCON).

COSCO Group owns and operates 550 modern merchant ships with a total carrying capacity of up to 30 million DWT.  It ranks first in international bulk shipping sector for years and also being listed as one of the Top 10 container liner operators in the world.  Ships and containers with the conspicuous "COSCO" logo are shuttling among 1,300 ports in more than 160 countries and regions.

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